Yardbird’s taxidermy is set apart because our focus is on the quality of your mount. We allow you to personalize everything about your trophy, from selecting your form to selecting the type of eyes that will make your mount special, unique, and one of a kind!

We allow you to personalize everything about your trophy.  The relationship we build with you is vital as we get to hear your story and hunting experience – which helps us utilize the mounting to bring your animal back to life and help retell the story.

There are many different ways to display your trophy, and at Yardbird’s, we offer one of a kind custom wood work that will show it off well. James Yarborough, the founder and owner of  Yardbird’s Taxidermy, grew up on a ranch, has been hunting his whole life, studied Wildlife Management in school and is a professional hunting guide. His passion and desire to become a taxidermist grew from his love for being out hunting and focusing on the anatomy and movements of the wildlife in its natural habitat. 

This dream grew and was born into his artistic ability to bring animals back to life in the unique and quality form in which your animal is mounted. We look forward to building a relationship with you and learning about your hunting experience as we bring your trophy sized dream back to life!